Here’s A Quick Way To Learn Robotics Online

Robotics and coding are closely linked and are exciting fields of computing. Robotics is a great way to initiate your child into STEM-based learning at a young age. Before entering into the coding and robotics course, it is vital to understand robots.

A robot is an autonomous machine capable of carrying out specific tasks depending on the inputs taken by the sensors. Furthermore, a robot is simply a mechanical component until programmed. Many human tasks are now automated using robotics. Because AI & machine learning are essential aspects of robotics, intelligent robots are more accurate than human beings.

If you are a parent looking for coding and robotics in schools for your child, you are at the right place. You can explore our children’s robotics program, but first, find out more about coding and robotics course.

Learn Robotics Online

  • Mathematics, coding, and robotics are the basis for future jobs. It helps children prepare for the future.
  • Encourage your child to pay attention to coding and watch your child’s transformation from passive to active learning. 
  • Robotics coding online has never been more vital in preparing students for the future. When students learn the fundamentals of programming, it opens a brand new and exciting world for them. 

There is no age limit for learning, but we believe that young spirits are more active and learn new things quickly. By the time children learn to read and write, it is a good age to begin coding.

Children learning coding and robotics in schools will gain several competencies, including strong critical thinking skills. There are different ways to resolve problems, and those who learn robotics online learn to choose the optimum solution for the problem. Additionally, hands-on learning activities increase student concentration and attention. Additional competencies are:

  • Preparation: Technology is changing every day, and students need to be better prepared for changes in technology.
  • Teamwork: Children work as a team to adapt their robots to various dynamic challenges.
  • Programming skills: Beyond learning the programming lines, your kid will find new ways to solve problems.
  • Analytic thinking: Students must break the problem into huge robotics problems and find the solution.
  • Improving written and oral communication skills: Communication is a vital skill throughout life.

Atomlabz Robotics Coding Online

  1. Atomlabz has the best online learning platform in India for practical learning with 1:1 personalized advice, animations, real-world examples, evaluations. Our progressive learning platform is designed to prepare children for the future. 
  2. We offer practical technology and technical learning, and our learning platform is age-friendly and suited to young learners.
  3. We use TechXploraTion pedagogy, a one-of-a-kind methodology in our training programs. 
  4. Our Robotics Centre of Excellence (CoRE) is specially designed to help students build futuristic skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a solid foundation in technical science using a multidisciplinary approach. We use a hybrid teaching model that combines traditional teaching methodologies with modern technologies to provide integrated training programs tailored to the age of students. 

Atom Labz provides the best coding and robotics courses in India, short-term training programs, and immersion programs abroad to help kids prepare for the future.

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