Why Do Smart And Savvy Kids Need To Join Coding And Robotics Classes?

The year was 2017, when a robot named Sophia was given citizenship of Saudi Arabia. This was the first time in the history of humankind that any robot received citizenship of any country.

This breakthrough event showed how important the role robots are going to play in the future. Robotics is a fascinating field that offers a very promising future.

So what exactly a robot is?

Basically, a robot is a machine that performs tasks after getting inputs from sensors. However, in order to perform any task, robots must be programmed, that’s where the role of coding comes into play.

Because of coding and artificial intelligence, robots are more efficient and accurate than humans.

This is the reason why robotics and coding has emerged as a very lucrative career option for students. There are so many robotics and coding classes in India. But it has just complicated the things, what is the best for your kids out of so many options.

This is why we have created this post to help you understand in detail about robotics and coding classes and what to expect in such classes. First of all let’s start with

What does robotics and coding classes offer you?

  1. Robotics and coding classes make you think critically. 
  2. Make your thinking wider so that you can find the best solution for the problem.
  3. Robotics and coding classes help to prepare for technology changes that happen every day.
  4. Classes help you improve programming and analytical skills because in robotics you have to break down problems into small segments and find solutions.

Why are robotics classes important for elementary students?

Robotics and coding opens up a whole new future filled with amazing opportunities.

Robots and artificial intelligence are helping humans in their jobs. It clearly indicates how great opportunities this field will offer. But why is it important for elementary students?

Reason is elementary students are young minds. And, young minds can learn new things more easily. So, robotics and coding classes make them future ready. Because robotics requires coding and coding requires critical thinking.

So, it is good to inculcate logical reasoning and critical thinking habits in students as early as possible.

That was about classes. Now the next important question is,

Should you go for robotics classes for kids online?

Even though offline classes are good for learning, online class has its own advantages like flexibility of time to learn.You can either attend live lectures or watch recordings in free time. You can learn from the country’s best tutors at the comfort of your home.

However, you should definitely be selective in choosing online classes. There are so many options and you should definitely go for the best. 

Best robotics and automation courses in India

Atom Labz offers one of India’s best robotics and automation courses.It offers 3D Design learning, IOT and AI assisted curriculum specially designed for real life applications.

So, that’s it about robotics and coding classes. Feel free to connect with us for more queries.

Paving A Path To A Better Future With Robotics Classes For Kids

With the immense growth and advancement of the technological industry, many skills have emerged. With the progress of these new skills and learning, a few jobs and methods have become extinct. It is even more important now to keep up with this change in learning methodology. Giving your child a heads up in not only understanding and developing these technology skills but also creativity, is paramount.  

Robotics classes are designed to build upon many life skills like critical thinking, creativity, team work, collaboration, problem solving and decision making to name a few. Not only that, these online robotics classes also give young children an exposure towards science and technology early on in an interesting way.

So what exactly is robotics?

A robot is a machine or device designed to perform functions and actions based on the commands and instructions given. A general example of robots being used currently are in major industries like automotive, manufacturing and delivery automation. Robotics deals with the designing, manufacturing and operating process of the robot. 

Robotics classes for kids focus on giving an early exposure to understanding the basics of the technology in forms of games, activities and quizzes, making it engaging. This builds an interest in the stream and removes the hesitation for pursuing it in higher grades, creating a pathway for better opportunities.

The online robotics classes are designed towards developing key skills like:

Creative thinking: Children are naturally curious and when they start interacting with robots the ideas and imagination start flowing. This whole process leads to developing their thinking capabilities. Another aspect that develops is problem solving. They try to find different ways of solving a problem creatively. 

Attention to details: When learning to develop and code programs for robots, a single error can make a big difference in the results thus every step has to be monitored. Due to this aspect the attention level of the children is higher during robotics classes. It is a skill which is highly regarded.

Future ready: Exposure to such a technology early on builds an open mindedness and readiness of embracing a highly technology focussed future. Not only that, they are inclined to work towards it and put their mark on it. 

Exposure to coding: Through this programme, students are exposed to programming and amending coding errors. The training and practice enhances coding skills.

Logical reasoning: To achieve the goals certain steps need to be followed and understanding the sequence of steps needed to reach the answer helps with developing this skill. The learning from this process empowers children with enhanced mathematical skills. 

What more, the programme is designed keeping the real life application in mind. Utilizing the robot to solve real problems makes it inspiring and engaging. Achieving these skills while having fun is what makes it the perfect choice for parents and kids. With live support, global online community, video tutorials and physical manuals to guide your child AtomLabz provides the best robotics courses in India

Here’s A Quick Way To Learn Robotics Online

Robotics and coding are closely linked and are exciting fields of computing. Robotics is a great way to initiate your child into STEM-based learning at a young age. Before entering into the coding and robotics course, it is vital to understand robots.

A robot is an autonomous machine capable of carrying out specific tasks depending on the inputs taken by the sensors. Furthermore, a robot is simply a mechanical component until programmed. Many human tasks are now automated using robotics. Because AI & machine learning are essential aspects of robotics, intelligent robots are more accurate than human beings.

If you are a parent looking for coding and robotics in schools for your child, you are at the right place. You can explore our children’s robotics program, but first, find out more about coding and robotics course.

Learn Robotics Online

  • Mathematics, coding, and robotics are the basis for future jobs. It helps children prepare for the future.
  • Encourage your child to pay attention to coding and watch your child’s transformation from passive to active learning. 
  • Robotics coding online has never been more vital in preparing students for the future. When students learn the fundamentals of programming, it opens a brand new and exciting world for them. 

There is no age limit for learning, but we believe that young spirits are more active and learn new things quickly. By the time children learn to read and write, it is a good age to begin coding.

Children learning coding and robotics in schools will gain several competencies, including strong critical thinking skills. There are different ways to resolve problems, and those who learn robotics online learn to choose the optimum solution for the problem. Additionally, hands-on learning activities increase student concentration and attention. Additional competencies are:

  • Preparation: Technology is changing every day, and students need to be better prepared for changes in technology.
  • Teamwork: Children work as a team to adapt their robots to various dynamic challenges.
  • Programming skills: Beyond learning the programming lines, your kid will find new ways to solve problems.
  • Analytic thinking: Students must break the problem into huge robotics problems and find the solution.
  • Improving written and oral communication skills: Communication is a vital skill throughout life.

Atomlabz Robotics Coding Online

  1. Atomlabz has the best online learning platform in India for practical learning with 1:1 personalized advice, animations, real-world examples, evaluations. Our progressive learning platform is designed to prepare children for the future. 
  2. We offer practical technology and technical learning, and our learning platform is age-friendly and suited to young learners.
  3. We use TechXploraTion pedagogy, a one-of-a-kind methodology in our training programs. 
  4. Our Robotics Centre of Excellence (CoRE) is specially designed to help students build futuristic skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a solid foundation in technical science using a multidisciplinary approach. We use a hybrid teaching model that combines traditional teaching methodologies with modern technologies to provide integrated training programs tailored to the age of students. 

Atom Labz provides the best coding and robotics courses in India, short-term training programs, and immersion programs abroad to help kids prepare for the future.

Join your little one in the best coding classes.

Get your child ready for the future!

Enroll Your Child In Robotics Online- A Beginning Of A New Era

Yes, you heard it right! The world is heading towards advancement in terms of technology and engineering providing trouble free day-to-day chores with the help of robots. Many students studying in high school are taking keen interest in robotics engineering courses that will help them in critical thinking and problem solving at a very young age. 

This is the future of the world, although challenging but will assure elite jobs if chosen as a career option.

Atom Labz is the first company in India to provide robotics online classes for high school students covering a wholesome curriculum focusing upon real life applications.

Our aim is to develop a deep understanding of the latest technologies amongst kids at a very young age to prepare them for the upcoming ultra modern future.

In our robotics online classes for kids we ensure children to become tech friendly by

  • Providing an opportunity to participate in world STEM based competitions
  •  Introduce them to 3D design learning
  •  Internet of things (IOT) assisted curriculum, IOT is described as the network of physical objects that possess sensors, softwares and other technologies with a purpose to connect and exchange data with other devices over the system. Experts in the field are estimating over 22 billion household objects and industrial tools to be connected with IOT by 2025.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted new generation technology is basically an ability of a robot controlled by computer to perform tasks that are mostly done by humans as they need human intelligence and discernment. For example: speech recognition, face detection and recognition, maps and navigation, auto correct, E-Payments to name a few.
  • STEM products and curriculum integration- STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, these products or toys are geared towards curiosity, learning and education, and help kids in understanding better and adopt it in daily life problems.
  • Some of the STEM tools are hopscotch, kahoot, project naoh, robots for ipad.

To summarize, all of the above, IOT, AI and STEM are crucial for kids to understand at an early age that will develop future creators, thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and inventors in India.

Atom Labz offers the best robotics classes in India. Enroll your kid in the robotics classes online now and your child gets following benefits:

  • Live Support
  • Online Classes
  • Physical Manuals
  • Video Tutorials 
  • Associate with global online community

Our team is available via chat and on phone to assist and guide you to make better decisions for your child and give them the best of knowledge they deserve. We are here to prepare the future of India and give the world unimaginable technological innovations and inventions to make this world a better place to live.

Don’t wait to visit our website http://www.atomlabz.com/ and call us now.

Future-Ready with Robotics Courses in India

Wouldn’t you like to give your child the right opportunities in life to set them up for success?

Making these choices was hard for our elders as they have not had the kind of access to information as we do. They had set us up for success with the limited amount of information that was available at the time.

It is now your turn. How do you set your child up for success?

Due to lack of opportunity in robotics courses in India, we have seen the brightest minds come out of India to only make a name for themselves abroad.

However, the Indian market place is changing.

Although we have a little distance to cover to catch up to the States, robotics classes in India today promise a hopeful environment that will take care of its own in the long run. The global market for industrial robots was sized at about 65 billion dollars while the household robots’ market is expected to grow by 25% within the next 3 years.

These fantastical valuations were made possible by the foundation of F.I.R.S.T in 1989 which is an acronym: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology to promote STEM education in the States.

Focusing on youth between the ages of four and eighteen, they are the frontrunner of competitive robotics in the US.

“We’re not using kids to build robots—we’re using robots to build kids. Starting off with 23 teams in year one the 2019-2020 season, there were more than 679,000 students from 110 countries participating in 3,700 events, with the help of over 320,000 adult volunteers who serve as coaches, mentors and judges.” 

Robotics courses in India look forward to infrastructure like FIRST being available but it is presently about building skills for a career and inspiring all kids to get excited about excelling at those career skills by putting them in an environment that motivates them.

Here are the main things you should know about robotics classes in India

  • Robotics courses encourage kids to learn valuable life and career skills.
  • Robotics courses for beginners encourages interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects where kids can explore multidisciplinary projects to understand how the various unrelated subjects that were taught to them in school can work together.
  • Robotics and coding classes boost creativity of the learner by urging them to be problem solvers.
  • Robotics courses increase competitiveness by focusing on imparting education in a group setting rather than one on one.
  • Robotics courses for beginners fosters great opportunities for teamwork, collaboration and team building as children work in teams where they are all assigned roles, as will be the case when they step into their real-world careers.
  • With online robotics classes, kids can learn at their own pace at home. 
  • Robotics courses foster critical thinking and innovation by teaching the techniques to approach one problem in a variety of ways.
  • Robotics and coding classes nurture the need for invention and raises the barrier in the mental engineering and design processes of the child.
  • Robotics courses for beginners build communication skills by nudging learners to clearly put across ideas to their teammates.
  • Students get to understand their strengths and weaknesses in a group setting and to rely on their strong suit.

Although we have all told our children to stay away from phones, we understand that the world as we now know it would not have been possible without these phones pushing the barriers of innovation.

Qualcomm, makes the chipsets that run most android devices today and is sponsoring FIRST FORWARD, a transportation-themed robotics competition involving kindergarten, middle school and high school. Qualcomm understands the need for talented, young people with good critical thinking, innovation and teamwork skills that know about invention, and the engineering and design processes. They have already hired a number of students from competitions like these.

Have you put your child in an environment that can foster the right skills to make them future-ready?

For more information on robotics courses in India visit Atomlabz

Long Term Benefits Of Robotics Classes For Beginners

If you were given a chance to restart your life as a 6-year-old, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?

This time around, do you think you would make the same decisions for yourself?

Definitely not, right?

With the lives of the next generation in our hands, its time for us to strategically position our kids so that they are ready to face the challenges that tomorrow has in store for them.

Robotics classes help kids partake in the right mix of challenges to speed up the inculcation of critical thinking. This process helps young learners in their roller-coaster journey of the years to come.

Read on to understand how robotics classes for beginners can help your child succeed in the long run.

What is Robotics?

On a broad scale, the robotics definition states that robotics is a combination of computer science and engineering that involves design, construction, operation, and use of robots.

The goal of robotics is to design machines that can assist humans in completing tasks or reducing the amount of effort that a human has to exert in completing a task.

When we look at online robotics classes for beginners, we focus more upon moulding the learners’ thought process to help them think in a deductive manner to help them with problem solving.

These methods of deductive thinking, gear a child’s mind to approaching a problem in the best possible way to help them arrive at the quickest path to a solution.

Benefits of online robotics classes for beginners

Robotics was on a steady path of adoption but post 2020 the world of robotics has come into the mainstream owing to a sharp increase in pandemic adoption. Owing to factors like school robotics clubs, robotics kits available on E-commerce domains, and online robotics classes, the variety of means to positively immerse your child into robotics are presently evident all around us.

Kids learn the power of teamwork

Being part of online robotics classes, your young learner gets a chance to associate and collaborate with the efforts of others to solve problems. Working in teams to solve robotics related problems dictates the need to vocalize concepts to arrive at a suitable solution. Ability to be vocal in a group helps contribute towards a child’s ability to work as part of a team. This crucial skill is useful irrespective of which field your child chooses later in life.

Kids are enticed into finding STEM based subjects appealing

STEM is an acronym used to denote Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Online robotics classes are a fairly easy and budget friendly way to introduce your young learner to the power and capabilities of STEM based learning. Through robotics classes, your young learner has a chance to explore multidisciplinary projects while learning to merge disciplines of varied technologies.

Online robotics classes help reinforce your young learners’ STEM based understanding. STEM promotes the methodology of thinking outside the box to arrive at solutions to problems so as to program the robot to behave as desired.

Kids can go beyond being book-smart

Robotics classes offer young learners the chance to shape a unique curiosity in a field of thinking that they would not have come across during their academics. It offers all round enrichment going beyond the syllabus of what a school setting is capable of offering.

Robotics classes provide life skill enrichment in kids

Robotics is an essential part of front-line vocations like computer science, aerospace engineering, and software engineering. Physically enjoying STEM could be just the thing your young learner needs to aid in nudging them into a profession that their minds are inclined towards but were too afraid to explore.

Prepare for take off

Atomlabz offers a variety of online robotics and coding courses that help young learners explore the world of robotics with guides that are trained specifically for this purpose.

Atomlabz online robotics and coding courses are conducted by A grade instructors with world class material helping students build skills that are sought after for a future in any stream of work.

Robotics Classes for Beginners Assessment oF Career Path

What does an automatic insulin pump have in common with the self-balancing Segway scooter?

They couldn’t be more dissimilar, right? One is used in medicine whereas the other is used in transport.

The commonality lies in the fact that these unrelated objects have been invented by the same college drop-out, Dean Kamen.

Dean Kamen is an engineer’s engineer.

He has championed the AutoSyringe which made the lifesaving insulin pump, the Segway scooter, the iBot self-balancing multi-terrain mobility device, and the Slingshot (a water purifier based on a modified Stirling engine that runs on almost any combustible fuel.)

“Schools need to stop their daycare approach, with kids in rows doing rote learning. We need more activities that bring teams together to do exciting things. Sports are justified with those ideas, but we need other stuff that’s appealing to all kids.

                                                                                                             – Dean Kamen.

That is where robotics and coding courses come in.

Dean’s interest in robotics training at an early age had propelled him to be the inventor without an engineering degree.

The education system in the 80’s was engrossed in rote learning and Dean felt stifled by the system. While in college he created the insulin pump and realized that the education he was seeking was in the practical side of things. He dropped out of college and started applying his curiosity robotics training, full time.

Our kids today need not follow Dean’s path to the tee.

Robotics classes for kids are on the way to becoming a mainstay in the curriculum of our education system in india.

Shock and Awe

Robotics classes for kids pose various challenges to a child’s mind. Making your child deal with new scenarios (with the right guidance) throws their agile brains into problem solving modes that teach them skills that can be applied to any stream that they choose to apply it to (much like in Dean’s case).

Instant Gratification

Proposing a problem and positioning your child to implement a solution that works, makes for a system that feeds the reward center of the child’s brain. Robotics classes inculcate this instant gratification that keeps the child constantly craving the next level of complexity that in turn keeps the child’s scientific temper ever-active.

Gaining Life Skills

As your child progresses on the path of robotics, coding will take up a portion of their time. Robotics and coding courses impart the discipline of patient willpower. This unique quality of delayed gratification is grasped over time to teach your child to persevere on till the reward is at hand. Irrespective of your child’s future career path, no other branch of study is capable of inculcating these treasured qualities in your child.

Exploring A Child’s Inclination

The problems that a child is capable of solving during robotics classes gives trainers and mentors a sneak peek into a child’s inherent abilities. Your child may not be a doer but a leader capable of motivating a team to lead them to success or your child may be inclined to technical design to ease the operation of a system by the end-user.

Ready To Go?

In this age of the internet, you are always at a crossroads with your child’s future. Positioning your child to gain skills that can be used irrespective of their career path is in your hands.

Giving your child that much needed boost with robotics and coding courses can position them to apply their minds to a variety of fields like Dean Kamen still does today.

If you want to give your child that much needed boost with robotics and coding courses, try registering with us at http://www.atomlabz.com to understand what path your child can pursue.

Robotics Engineering Classes For A Successful Tomorrow

Robotics Engineering Classes in recent years have seen a steady rise in the number of enrollments.

With robotics proving to display an application in not just the assistance of humans in complex procedures that are marred with the occurrence of human error but also replacing humans in tedious and rather monotonous activities.

The CoVid19 pandemic has radically enhanced the use of this field that was in its nascent stages just over 2 years back. The pandemic has made leveraging robotics an unmistakably clear part of a better business agenda.

Robotics engineering is now a sought-after feature on university websites and leaflets.

Read on, to understand what investing in robotics engineering classes can do for the future and why it’s becoming one of the most sought-after skills in higher education.

What Is Robotics


Robotics is a combination of computer science and engineering that involves design, construction, operation, and use of robots.

The goal of robotics is to design machines that can assist humans in completing tasks or reducing the amount of effort that a human has to exert in completing a task.

Robotics Courses

Owing to the increased demand in robotics engineering as higher education, robotics courses in India have been seeing an upsurge in patronage among school going students.

With the big wigs like the Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), BITS Pilani, Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) & Manipal Institute of Technology offering courses in robotics engineering, there is no doubt that the scope for a high-paying career in the field is here to stay.

Several open-source electronic prototyping platforms like Arduino have spiked the interest among young learners, enabling them to create interactive electronic objects like robotic arms that can be automated to carry out everyday tasks.

Robotics Courses

The increase in availability of robotics kits available on popular Ecommerce portals only bolsters the notion that robotics is gaining steam and is becoming more main-stream than ever before.

The ease of access and implementation with the use of smartphones facilitates instant gratification in the minds of the learner, helping to keep their inherent scientific temper alive.

Robotics Programming Courses

In this age of the always-on internet, access to information is freely available but channeling it to execute the project correctly is what matters the most. Guidance during this crucial stage is what keeps the willingness to learn alive.

At this decisive juncture in the learners’ process, robotics programming courses help in addressing the unique problems faced by each learner to produce a favorable outcome

Robotics Training and its advantages

·  Robotics training facilitates the knowledge of the mechanics of robotics like learning to creatively approach logic programming to mould code to solve a problem.

·  They help spike the level of interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by stressing on real-world learning instead of rote-learning thus helping the learner realize their inclinations at an early age.

·  Working in teams to solve robotics related problems needs a vocalization of concepts to arrive at a suitable solution. This crucial skill is highly sought-after during system analysis and design process.

·  Robotics training can help a reserved learner find an audience among peers. Beyond the ever-present online presence, joining a robotics course can help bolster confidence in a learner that is on a journey with peers that are in a similar skill-category.

·  Learning to work in a team to understand another’s ideas while getting their own ideas to work in unison with the others’ ideas, is a critical skill that a robotics training teaches on a regular basis.

Even if a career in robotics is not on the books, the plethora of benefits that attending robotics engineering classes can offer is more than evident.

Atom Labz is the first Robotics & coding company in India that has a curriculum that stresses solely on real world application that makes the learner future ready while helping the development of logic with an in-depth understanding of underlying technologies.

Integrating STEM, IOT, ML & AI assisted curriculum products that focus on concepts like 3D design learning while collaborating with institutions and schools to facilitate provision of the technical setup required for robotics courses and the educational kits that are needed for the same.

Atom Labz provides Live support, a Global online community Synced with Curriculum, Online classes, Physical manuals & Video tutorials.

Go ahead.

Give it a shot.

You never know where it could lead you.

For more information on robotics courses, get in touch with us through our contact form.

Future Scope of Robotics and Coding Classes for School Going Students in India

If we remember Sci-Fi Hollywood films, Robo-Cop, Robots or Indian robot versions, the concept of Robotic coding courses has penetrated in our heads such as attraction. Even though we have considered it, as a matter of distant future, the world today now deals with automation and machine intelligence. That means, today, it’s not an embedded scientific fact. 

In fact, we face such a situation where robotics are used efficiently to solve some practical problems such as brewing bombs, exploring shipwrecks or mine. On the other hand, some people lost their jobs due to drastic technology improvements.

Likewise, the education industry appreciates how progressive robotics is and has become a revolution that communicates among students outside its physical boundary, robotics and coding classes are as common as language ones. From tapes recorded to advance with educational substances, brilliant classrooms, AV projectors, and submission of online projects, showing how sharp all this is intertwined.

Where does learning take place?

Robotics classes for beginners and robotics classes for elementary students  are both available, but introducing robotics directly is tough. There are two ways in which robotics can be used in education, both in intra intra-circular or in an extra-circular way. And additional circular activities consist of activities after school, where workshops can occur under instructor guidance. At home instructors can be parents and other places, instructors can be anyone. 

The basic learning process means that the robot acts as an instructional robot, where the language learning process is included in the tutorial style. Having noticed that younger children are more comfortable to receive content if robots behave like their colleagues, the slightly older ones are more likely to receive robots as their tutors.

One significant disadvantage in this region is the absence of all educational modules with character and learning material for educators. Robotics education is still observed as an additional curricular activity and part of casual training. As we talked about before, relaxed training did not require all educational programs that were characterized basically. 

Coding Classes

Efforts must be given exclusively for increasing robotics and programming equipment for education but additional learning material plans, the right educational module and to the educator. In principle, part of a teacher is specifically connected to the section; Where robots play in learning action. The teachers take the role of facilitators while robots play character learning principles. 

With the arrival of persistent innovation, it is profitable to understand the ability of robots as a strong additional learning item. Robots can be an interesting stage to find out about PCs, hardware, mechanical design, and dialects. It has been noted that children perform better on post-learning examinations and become more active when language learning has occurred with tapes and audio books. 

Educational robots are subsections of educational technology, where they are used to encourage learning and increase the implementation of underage education. Robots provide essence with the capacity to add social relations with learning arrangements and consequently developments only with programming-based learning. Many newly developing fields like genetic engineering robotics coding course a boon.  But not every educational robot requires social cooperation.

Robotics has made special education easy for future generations. Many who are littered with malignancy or other terminal diseases cannot make sense for the class every day. The best robotics course can take care of this problem by helping these children go to class from remote places.

Autistic students find it difficult to communicate with other people – external appearance and nonverbal signals that differently children will effectively understand. Robots can look rather like people, but without typical confusing expressions, so they can easily understand what people want to convey.

How Robotics Classes for Kids Improves Learning & Robotics Techniques?

Robotics allows students to learn various ways of scientific discipline, with the aim of facilitating student skills and attitudes for the analysis and operation of robots. But the robotics in the class have several other benefits. Let’s learn more about the impact on education. If taught from an early age then, robotics classes for kids might be a greatest boon to young children.

Know How Robotics Classes for Kids Improves Learning & Robotics Techniques:

Programming is easy and fun:

Robotics strengthen and support student skills develop their knowledge through creation, design, assembly, and operating robots. Kids find coding and robotics courses fun and interesting because they can freely interact with the electrical and mechanical processes and tools.

However, programming can be too difficult and boring if studied through the “traditional” methods. Conversely, through controlling physical robots and identifying what’s wrong, students learn what robots can do or cannot do with experience and in-depth understanding. Coding and robotics in schools can help children develop an inclination towards advanced technological methods in their initial academic  years.

Robotics Classes for Kids

Help technology for school:

Robotics represents a useful solution for students who cannot go to school. When the world of technology develops every day, the world of education will continue to benefit from the opportunities offered by innovation, tools and new discoveries.

New Learning Opportunities for Students with Special Needs:

Online children’s robotics courses can help students reach the classrooms who cannot attend lessons, because of their physical condition. Let’s think about children with severe allergies or students recovering at home after a major surgery. Thanks to his personal robot, these kids can access the experience of “real school”: the device attends the school and brings students with him through a special internal video conference system.

Robotics in class helps kids with special needs to develop personal learning experiences, access information and educational content through especially made tracks.

Robots can be programmed to fit individual needs. Children with autism, for example, can be supported by robots in communication and social skills learning, interacting with special devices that adapt their answers and responses to student reactions. Robotics and coding courses are a new advancement to education. Students with development problems and attention disorders can take advantage of constant companions, learn how to stay focused. Unlimited possibilities.

Develop skills for the future:

Robotics prepares students for the future. While learning robot programming, students can find if their skills and interests are in accordance with the skills that will build your future in the field of programming, science technology or technique. Online robotics courses in India can help the country reduce the extra manpower in companies and adopting this new technology through robotics classes for middle schoolers can help you build a successful career in this field.

Working on robots stimulates students to build their technical intuition and emphasize significant problem-based learning through integration and application of their knowledge. Solving strategic problems, computational thinking, high-level thinking, logical and analytical reasoning- are just a few examples of abilities developed by educational robotations, the ability that will be the basis in many professional fields.