Enroll Your Child In Robotics Online- A Beginning Of A New Era

Yes, you heard it right! The world is heading towards advancement in terms of technology and engineering providing trouble free day-to-day chores with the help of robots. Many students studying in high school are taking keen interest in robotics engineering courses that will help them in critical thinking and problem solving at a very young age. 

This is the future of the world, although challenging but will assure elite jobs if chosen as a career option.

Atom Labz is the first company in India to provide robotics online classes for high school students covering a wholesome curriculum focusing upon real life applications.

Our aim is to develop a deep understanding of the latest technologies amongst kids at a very young age to prepare them for the upcoming ultra modern future.

In our robotics online classes for kids we ensure children to become tech friendly by

  • Providing an opportunity to participate in world STEM based competitions
  •  Introduce them to 3D design learning
  •  Internet of things (IOT) assisted curriculum, IOT is described as the network of physical objects that possess sensors, softwares and other technologies with a purpose to connect and exchange data with other devices over the system. Experts in the field are estimating over 22 billion household objects and industrial tools to be connected with IOT by 2025.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted new generation technology is basically an ability of a robot controlled by computer to perform tasks that are mostly done by humans as they need human intelligence and discernment. For example: speech recognition, face detection and recognition, maps and navigation, auto correct, E-Payments to name a few.
  • STEM products and curriculum integration- STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, these products or toys are geared towards curiosity, learning and education, and help kids in understanding better and adopt it in daily life problems.
  • Some of the STEM tools are hopscotch, kahoot, project naoh, robots for ipad.

To summarize, all of the above, IOT, AI and STEM are crucial for kids to understand at an early age that will develop future creators, thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and inventors in India.

Atom Labz offers the best robotics classes in India. Enroll your kid in the robotics classes online now and your child gets following benefits:

  • Live Support
  • Online Classes
  • Physical Manuals
  • Video Tutorials 
  • Associate with global online community

Our team is available via chat and on phone to assist and guide you to make better decisions for your child and give them the best of knowledge they deserve. We are here to prepare the future of India and give the world unimaginable technological innovations and inventions to make this world a better place to live.

Don’t wait to visit our website http://www.atomlabz.com/ and call us now.